Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are food positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only. So avoid these things to keep the ‘Good Friday’ going!

5. You Have to Work – If the weekend includes Friday, then whyyy do we have to work?? Doesn’t the weekEND mean the END of the week?? So go ahead and prepare your *cough cough* so you can enjoy your whole weekend.

4. You Forget Your Deodorant – I get it. This happened to me yesterday, and I hope Veda Loca didn’t smell me. You’re busy doing a million things in the morning. And you forgot to secure the pits. And you don’t even think about it until you get a whiff of something unpleasant…then realize it’s you. Look go get you a travel size of deodorant right now. You’ll thank me later.

3. Your Phone Deletes all Your Pictures – And you didn’t back them up, did you? You had hella fashion inspo pics in there, pics of you all done up and ready to go out, that you were gonna use to fake like you actually went out…and now you actually have to go out! Just go back up to your pics now, so you can stay on the couch later.

2. Your Mama Comes for the Weekend – Of course it’s great to see the person who birthed you. But you had some prerolls ready, and you had a long weekend of fornication ahead of you. And now you’ll be doing nothing but going to South Dallas Cafe and the aboretum, having some good Christian fun. Make sure you hide your vibrator.

1. Your Side Chick Snitches on You – Why would she pick to day to have that convo with your girl, “woman to woman?” Oh that’s right; you ignored her call on Thursday. You know that’s y’all’s day! Look here, don’t get caught up. Shoot her a sweet text right now and promise her you gone leave your family for her. Then send her the link to the City Girls album so she can remember not to catch feelings for you anyway.

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