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Every day above ground is a good day, but on Friday we like positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only. So happy Good Friday! Avoid these things to keep the Friday, good.

5.  Your Instagram Gets Deleted

92Q Marketing Web Table - Instagram

Source: Creative Services / iOne

This happened to thousands of people this week, including P Skillz. Were you affected? Now where are you gonna promote your party?? Better get back on Twitter now, while you still remember your password.

4. You Don’t Have Gum

I'm cool and no one will burst my bubble

Source: Charday Penn / Getty

You been meaning to go by the dollar store for weeks, but just been too lazy. And now you chewed your last half piece of gum, THEN had some bomb ass onion rings at happy hour. Now what? So much for that networking event you were going to, unless you wanna introduce yourself as No Hygiene Helen. Better network with the casier at the gas station and get some Spearmint.

3. You Don’t Realize it’s Time to Retire Your Heels

Keyshia Kaoir Birthday Celebration

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Listen, I know you love those shoes. They’ve been there for you for job interviews, first dates, and the infamous walk of shame the morning after the club. But when you put them on and you leaning like you took a bottle of Henny to the face, and all you’ve drank is water with lemon….it’s time to put them in the closet and admire them from afar.

2. Your Tire Has a Blowout

Mechanical woman screwing car wheels with compressed air tool

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Your sensor told you that tire needed air last week. But you ain’t have no quarters for the machine. And even though the QT up the street from your house has free air, you just ain’t feel like stopping. Now you’re on 75 and all you hear is ka-ploonk, ka-ploonk, ka-ploonk…and there goes your tire. Now you know where you’re going? You’re GOING to put on your spare and go home. Go get some air before this happens.

1. You Don’t get Tickets to the Dub Car Show

97.9 Dub Car Show

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I tooooold you for at least a month…these tickets are only $25. But you decided you had better things to do than come to the livest concert of the summer. Now you tryna watch the show on my IG story in 15 second increments. Sis, just cop that ticket now, and when you see me Sunday, make sure you speak.