Sometimes I sit in my bed at night, and think about things that make absolutely no sense. Here are a few:

5. If a book has a foreword, why doesn’t it have a backward? – Couldn’t we add something to the end of a book for your homeboy who wanted to be in the book too? Shout outs, if you will. I’m definitely doing that on my second book.

4. How come you have to be found guilty or not guilty, and not innocent? – What kinda justice system is this?? So if you were falsely accused, found guilty, went to jail, and evidence freed you….you still can’t be found innocent? Why does our justice system seem to work against us….? Oh yea…it does.

3. Why is it called the World Series…if it’s only played in the United States? – The series is only played in one part of the world…one little country…shouldn’t it be called the American Series??

2. If you’re an adult, how can you be KIDnapped? – If someone steals your dog, did they get DOGnapped? If someone steals your cat, did they get CATnapped? Speaking of which…

1. If sleeping a long time is called “deep sleep,” how come a nap isn’t called “shallow sleep?” – I mean seriously, how can a nap be a short sleep, and the things growing out my scalp??

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