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After taking pole dancing classes, my respect level for exotic dancers has risen. Here’s why they deserve the bag.

5. They Provide the Warm-Up so You Don’t Have to

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Sometimes you just wanna be held, and other times you just tryna hit the skins. So gone let Chocolate or Hazelnut or whoever, give ya man that lap dance so he’ll get straight to the loving when he gets home.

4. Because There’s no Sex in the Champagne Room



Now we all know the stereotype of strippers: they do a little more, they get paid a little more. But that’s just hype. Exotic dancers are just that: dancers. They provide a fantasy, for which they deserve ample compensation. So pay them for the dance, because they don’t have sex for money…..right…?

3.  Cause Their Job Doesn’t Provide Health Insurance

Methodist / Dallas Medical Center

Source: Methodist / Dallas Medical Center / Methodist / Dallas Medical Center

Imagine if you worked with a bunch of naked people putting their bare lady parts on a stainless steel pole…every now and then, you might get sick. Somebody gotta pay the doctor! So…you wanna see some ass, they wanna see some cash.

2. Cause They Work Off Tips!

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I would really think I don’t have to say this. But the way some dudes go to the strip club just to make videos with their homeboys…you would think they don’t know they’re there to pay the dancer’s light bill! She ain’t dancing as a hobby; this her whole job! It’s like tipping your server. Just instead of bringing you wings, she’s bringing you breasts.

1. Cause You Can’t Do It!

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You pay a mechanic to fix your car. You pay a doctor for surgery. You pay your cousin to braid your hair. Why? Cause you don’t know how! So until you learn to swing, drop it, pick it up, put it back down and stay on beat, all while wearing 19 inch heels…pay these women!