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Some things keep me up at night, so hopefully you can help answer them for me…

5. Why is that Shake Machine Always Down? – Morning, noon, or night…rain, sleet, hail or snow…you can always count on…that shake machine being out of commission. Don’t nobody want them dumb ass apple pies or cookies with the burnt edges; we want a shake!

4. Did Faith Evans Really Smash Tupac? – Even though Faith has moved on to her ex-husband’s homeboy, and her loyalty is clearly unwavering…I really just wanna know…if Pac wore a rubber.

3. Why are Naps in the Back of Your Head Called a Kitchen? – Nothing about tight coils resemble pots, pans, a stove, or roaches. Hm…maybe roaches.

2. Why is it Called “Indian Giving?” – If the term means to give something then take it back….where do the Natives fit in??? Last time I checked, they didn’t GIVE anything, and they certainly haven’t taken it back. Happy Thanksgiving though.

1. Where did Magic Johnson Find the Cure for HIV – Magic been looking healthy as an ox since he announced he had the virus, over 20 years ago. So healthy that we be forgetting he has it! (Because he doesn’t…allegedly…) Listen even if you don’t reveal your source, just share the antidote with the poor people infected.

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