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Damn, BeatKing‘s antics done got him banned in three different states?!

The Club God sits down with the Madd Hatta Morning Show to explain once and for all how the #CucumberChallenge started, why he creates different types of music for his fanbases, how he considers himself one of the pioneers of injecting club energy in the raps of Megan Thee Stallion and KenTheMan and why he can’t perform in certain cities in the Bible Belt.

“I’m banned in a city in Arkansas, a city in Texas … the Bible belt because my shows are too explicit! Cause when these females get naked and do this cucumber stuff, the city is turned upside down. I’ve done this at colleges and dean’s have called my manager asking us to take down the video … and I tell them, ‘I have daughters. I’ll take it down.’”

Plus, BeatKing breaks down why he has Club God Parenting and why he has to explain to his daughters that what he does is work — but they can’t repeat any of it! Plus, yes, his little girls laugh at the Cucumber Challenge videos too.

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