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A North Carolina home owner says he is “mortified and shaken” after he was dragged out of his home in his boxers by police, at gunpoint, after his house alarm falsely triggered last week.

Kazeem Oyeneyin, 31, a promoter who is known in the music industry as Tim Boss, had a friend who stayed over at the promoter’s home unknowingly set off a burglar alarm, prompting five police officers to respond, WTVD reports.

“This was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life,” Oyeneyin said, adding that the officer refused to believe that the residence he was dragged out of belonged to him.

There is video that show Oyeneyin lawfully carrying a weapon in his home when police arrive. The police told him to drop the weapon, and turn away from the officer as he approached him and placed him under arrest.

“Come on out here for me,” the officer said.

“What you mean, come on out?” Oyeneyin replied. “I got on my drawers!”

The officer, who happens to be white, arrested Oyeneyin as he made an attempt to explain that he had spoken with the alarm company and the situation with the false alarm was resolved. The cop was not believing what the home owner had to say and continued to place Oyeneyin in handcuffs.

“I’m confused why he’s still talking,” Oyeneyin later iterated. “You just asked do I got ID, I told you yeah, ‘Let’s identify me, let’s get me out of here.’ I was like, ‘I need a supervisor, I definitely need a supervisor here because this ain’t right.’”

Oyeneyin believes his race likely had something to do with the way he was treated by the cops who showed up at his home.

“Being Black could definitely be one of the issues that’s the problem,” he told WTVD. “I hope it’s not, but if that’s what it is, it just needs to be resolved.”

Despite Oyeneyin never being charged with a crime, the incident has caused him to be viewed as a criminal in the eyes of his neighbors. “I went outside the other day, the neighbors wouldn’t even wave at me. They don’t know what’s going on. They think I’m a whole criminal over here.”

A department spokesperson said the situation is currently under review.

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