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Vibrate is cool, but if you want ultimate peace, put your phone on silent. Trust me. Here’s why:

5. You’ll Stop Looking Ghetto at Work – How many times have you been caught filing your nails, popping that gum, or laying down your edges at work? Now you wanna be in the staff meeting with “Big Ole Freak” going off as your ringtone. Why you still got ringtones in 2019 anyway??

4. You’ll Stop Lying to People – We’ve all done the “oh you called? I didn’t even hear my phone, my bad” thing. But if your phone is on silent, you might SEE them call, but you never HEAR it. So you can ignore that boy who likes you and still tell the truth about it.

3. You’ll Stop Getting Caught Cheating – When bae comes over, tell him he has your full attention and he’s the only thing that matters at the moment. He’ll certainly appreciate the gesture, and you’ll appreciate your side dude’s FaceTime call not ruining your hot girl summer.

2. You’ll Get the Best Sleep of Your Life – I don’t know how you can sleep with the constant DING of text messages, DMs, and voicemails. No text message is more important that that good deep sleep you finna catch. Speaking of which…

1. You’ll Have Peace of Mind – I know what you’re thinking: “What if someone dies?” My answer to that is, they’ll still be dead when you wake up! Why interrupt your sleep by crying, when you can sleep well, then ugly cry in the morning when your breath already smells and you ugly anyway?

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