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The violent crime and murder rate in Dallas in the past few months has become alarming to many Dallas residents.

The crime rate is said to be one of the worst in more than a decade as of June 2019.

After many calls and concerns by activists, Dallas Chief of Police, Renee Hall took it upon herself to make the decision to fight the crime in a bigger and more impactful way.

Hall called for the assistance of state troopers at the beginning of June to keep a closer watch on the South Dallas neighborhoods in order to cease the continued violence calling it a “Summer Crime Plan”.

Now, two months later residents in the problematic neighborhood are feeling very uncomfortable with the amount of patrol of their neighborhoods saying the state troopers are going overboard after several incidents.

One being last Thursday. One man was harassed outside his home.

According to Dallas Morning News, the man was identified as Chandler, who was aggressively detained by several state troopers and police. According to Chandler’s family, the troopers tried to stop Chandler to question him as he walked up to his home on Thursday.

In contrast, a spokesman from the Texas Department of Public Safety said the trouble began when a state trooper attempted to stop Chandler on a traffic violation on Myrtle Street.

They say Chandler pulled up to his home and ran toward the house, ignoring verbal commands from the troopers.

Several bystanders witnessed state troopers using a stun gun on Chandler and are feeling the aggressiveness used by police was taken to far.

Proceeding the incident, the South Dallas community is fed up and feeling uncomfortable. Many have expressed concern of stepping outside their home because of the way the State troopers are what they believe are over-policing the neighborhood if you will.

With the continued number of crimes and homicides taking place in Dallas, are State Troopers protecting are over-policing our neighborhoods?


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