Friends…how many of us have them…? Here are five you should definitely keep around.

5. The Friend Who Loves Food

homemade healthy breakfast:roasted egg in bell pepper

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You’ve lived in the metroplex your whole life, but never been to the best food spots. And THAT is why the foodie friend is perfect for Sunday brunch. Never miss a mimosa again.

4. The Friend With Money

Crisp, new, colorful American currency

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If you’ve ever been broke, you know that friend with money is clutch. Not that you’re using them, but a real friend with money will make sure your lights stay on.

3. The Friend Who Can Fight

Manny Pacquiao v Juan Manuel Marquez

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People who can’t fight always have the loudest mouth. So you better have a friend who got them hands so you don’t end up on Worldstar.

2. The Friend Who Can’t Fight

Teenage boys bully classmate in school hallway.

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If you know you got them hands, you’re probably not scared to use them. But every fight isn’t a good fight. And your friend who can’t fight, will stop you from going to jail for assault. Then you’ll need the friend with money to bail you out.

1. The Friend Who Lies Well

Karlie Redd

Source: Ed Lover Show / Ed Lover Show

You told be you were going to your homegirl’s house, but you really went out to cheat. And you need that real friend who’s gonna lie to your man, and make sure you have condoms for your side dude. She a real one.

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