You ever get that text that your phone bill is overdue? Don’t worry; there’s worse news you could receive.

5. The HR lady hands you a garnishment letter

Dallas County Tax Office

Source: Naheem Houston / Radio One

– if you thought your account was overdrawn before…honey, you’re about to get acquainted with the wonderful world of payday loans.

4. You get an email that your rent is going up

Baltimore-Area Properties Owned By Kushner Companies Faced Scrutiny Over Tenant Complaints

Source: Mark Wilson / Getty

You’re always late on the rent, but now the price of rent plus late fees, is about to just be rent??? Time to get a second job so you can continue being irresponsible.

3. You get a letter saying your food stamps are getting cut off

Food Stamps

Source: Portland Press Herald / Getty

you just told your cousin she could get $100 for the $50, and they got the nerve to cut of your side hustle money?? That’s probably why they cut if off; they know you not feeding that baby $500 a month worth of food.

2. The clinic calls and tells you they need to have a word with you

Young Woman is Receiving Medical Treatment At The Dentist's Office

Source: BrankoPhoto / Getty

you knew you were out here naked-heading, but everyone does it, right…? Yea, everyone with herpes. Ask Usher. Allegedly.

1. You internet provider texts you a reminder that your promotional period ended

Activists gather to campaign on issues highlighted by events in Ferguson

That $19.99 sounded real good when you got internet, but those 12 months went by real quick didn’t they? Now they want you to pay $39.99 to watch your jailbroken firestick on?? You better call and threaten to cancel, so they can offer you that promotional price for 12 more months.

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