I finally like a guy….and he’s a rapper! I can’t do this, so I need to deter myself.

5. They Have to Be Your Favorite Rapper – You really like Da Baby, but if anyone asks, you have to instantly lie and say bae is the best.

4. You’ll Have to Change Careers – The moment you decide to wife a rapper, you become a promoter. Share that flyer, sell tickets to his show…you work for him now. Y’all a team!

3. Y’all Can Never Ride Together – You know how it is when a rapper gets in your car; the first thing they do is grab the aux cord so you can hear what they were working on when they left the studio.

2. You Can’t Claim Him – If he’s real fine, he’s probably a sex symbol and playing the “single” role. So you can’t be mad at him for flirting and playing the game. Sis…he gone cheat on you.

1. You Can Never Break Up with Him – Imagine the diss song that will be made about you if y’all break up! Big Sean did it, Young Dro did it….and I know you heard Tupac “Hit Em Up…” And that was just breaking up a friendship! Imagine a relationship!

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