The Beat DFW Daily Video

Some friends come and go, and some should go immediately. Here’s a list of them:

5. The Friend Who’s Always Lying – If they lie this much about themselves….how much do you think they’re lying about you….?

4. The Friend Who’s Never Happy for You – If someone never cheers you on, what are they generally called? Haters, right? Why would you befriend a hater…? You wouldn’t. Let that hating ass friend go.

3. The Friend Who Never Supports You – They don’t buy merch, don’t come to your events, don’t like your posts, didn’t cheer you on when you finally got some sex…they gotta go like the dude you let smash.

2. The Friend Who Turns Everything Into an Argument – They know they’re really in the wrong but can’t admit it, so they deflect. Ain’t nobody got time to argue over nothing. Save your vocal cords and send them a goodbye text.

1. The Friend Who Makes Everything About Them – You got a new man? So did she. You broke your toe? She broke her foot. You haven’t called because your grandma died? She’s hurt you haven’t called her. Cut that heffa off like unedited film.