Happy Good Friday! Everyday above ground is a good day, but on Friday’s, I like positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news. So happy Good Friday! Avoid these things to keep the good vibes going:

5. You Forget to Take Your Nap – Act like you not the auntie of the group and you don’t need a nap before the turn up. Now you all in the club leaned against the wall….yawning….you can’t have a hot girl summer if you’re sleepy.

4. You Become Constipated – You knew better than to take a tour of the fast food restaurants in your neighborhood, but you decided to ‘treat yo’self.’ Now your stomach is in knots and could explode at any second. You ever take a poop in a club? Yea don’t. Abort mission. Go home.

3. You Get Stood Up – He was fine too. Now you drinking a glass of wine by yourself and he’s not answering the phone. This is why you never should’ve cut off your side dude, sis. He would’ve put on his cape and saved you from paying the check.

2. You Cable Gets Cut Off – Imagine hosting a kickback at your house and you got a night of movies lined up…and you turn on your tv and get that message saying to call that 800 number! I don’t know why you have cable anyway; get a jail broken firestick and grow up.

1. You Let Your Negative Friend Bring You Down – You know that one friend who should’ve gone to therapy years ago, but thinks it’s for rich white women? You answered the phone when she called to complain about the job you told her not to take. Now you’re all sad because she’s all sad, and she’s happy that you’re sad about her being sad. Tell her to keep that energy away from you and kick rocks.

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