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As I promote my upcoming book documentary viewing, I realized that strangers tend to support you more than your friends. So I made a list of ways for them to support you without touching their wallet.

5. Share Their Posts

Emily Atack: Adulting

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If they sell clothes or condoms, there’s a market for it. And just because your broke ass can’t buy it, doesn’t mean no one else can. So share it so more people can see it.

4. Wear Their Stuff


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Sure, it’s just a pink bracelet or a black shirt with white words. But someone might like plain clothes and jewelry. You know your friend can’t dress, so coordinate the outfit right and someone will ask you where you got it from.

3. Spread the Word

Beautiful woman with business card

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Ask them for business cards and pass them out. If Cardi B asked you to be on her street team you’d do it.  And you don’t even know her!

2. Encourage Them

2019 NHL Draft - Round One

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When they share a milestone with you, congratulate them! Don’t be that hating ass friend who can’t even be happy for people. Selling 10 shirts is a big deal, especially if you aren’t one of them 10 who bought one.

1. Stop Asking for Discounts

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Okay, I know that technically means you have to spend money. But if you can’t afford to support your friend, don’t ask for the hookup! Rosa Parks did not sit, for Martin to march, for Barack to run…for you to ask your homegirl since the 1st grade, for a discount on a $20 shirt.

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