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I got microbladed yesterday. As I was in pain, I thought to myself: women do a lot of things that men couldn’t care less about.

5.  Getting Our Hair Done All Fancy


Source: Jonathan Alba / Getty

I’ve pulled more guys in a ponytail than I ever have with designer baby hairs. Is that because they imagine pulling it…?

4. Getting Our Nails Done

Close-Up Of Woman Fingers With Nail Art Manicure with neon green colour

Source: mikroman6 / Getty

As long as there isn’t any dirt under your fingernails, what man is looking at your hand and asking if it’s gel or acrylic??

3. Wearing Expensive Clothes

Sam and Billie Faiers leaving Heart Radio Studios after talking about weddings and their TV Show - London

Source: / WENN

You can look like a million bucks…in a $5 dress from Rainbow. I know; I did it Saturday. And believe me, men don’t know the difference.

2. Wearing Makeup

Cheng Hong filming her new music video in LA

Source: Sheri Determan/ / WENN

Most men don’t know the difference between concealer and contour, and don’t care if you wear it. Just put on some chapstick.

1. Getting a Butt Job

Females Exercising Together In Gym

Source: AleksandarGeorgiev / Getty

Last time I checked, Megan Thee Stallion’s butt was real, and she has the whole country drooling over her. Don’t no real man want no fix-a-flat filled, concrete carrying, helium heavy posterior. Do some squats and keep it moving.

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