Happy Good Friday! Everyday above ground is a good day, but on Friday I like positive vibes, happy thoughts and good news only, so I call every Friday, ‘Good Friday.’ So, here are some things to avoid to keep your Good Friday going!

5. Your Car Gets Towed

Tow Truck City

Source: A-Digit / Getty

You knew better than to park under the car port at your homeboy’s apartment complex, but you were trying to avoid the rain…and ran right into the tow truck. Now how y’all gone get to the club??

4. You Got Served

Trial against suspected IS fighters

Source: picture alliance / Getty

Not like the B2K movie. Aint’ no dancing around the 18 months of child support you owe. Now you KNOW you can’t make it rain at Cab North. Might as well stay at home and think about your decisions. Now pay your child support.

3. You Come Down With the Flu

Vaccination of Disease

Source: Gregory Adams / Getty

The nerve of your immune system to betray you when it’s free before 11 in Uptown!! And no matter how much your friends love you, them hoes ain’t bringing you no soup until their hangover wears off Saturday afternoon. So when your coworker offers you some of her sandwich, kindly decline and avoid her germs.

2. Your Bank Account Gets Hacked

Homelessness, Tent at a bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Source: imageBROKER/Moritz Wolf / Getty

Payday was yesterday and you finally got that bonus, so you told the crew drinks were on you. And you know ain’t no real one gone believe your card declined because your bank account was hacked. Stay your broke ass at home and stop online shopping.

1. You Sent Your Nudes to the Wrong Person

Portrait of afro afro woman

Source: Vladimir Vladimirov / Getty

In the midst of trying to let bae see what he was gonna get tonight, you accidentally sent that P pic to James instead of Jacory. Now he’s gonna leak that nude everywhere like “Debbie Does Dallas.” Homegirl, check that name RIGHT NOW before you sit send.

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