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Everyday above ground is a good day, but on Friday I like positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news. So…happy Good Friday! Here are some things to avoid to make sure your Friday continues to be great.

5. You Missed Your Nail Appointment

Close-Up Of Woman Fingers With Nail Art Manicure with neon colour

Source: mikroman6 / Getty

You knew you needed a fill a week ago, but you put it off. Your nail tech squeezed you in anyway, and you had the NERVE to think you’d make it in 30 minutes at 5:15. So now you gotta go out with your nails looking like you don’t love yourself. No raising glasses for you.

4. You Lose Your Wallet

Online shopping concept. Smartphone and credit card on wooden background

Source: Rapeepong Puttakumwong / Getty

Even if the bar takes Apple Pay, you don’t have the license to prove you’re old enough to drink. And we all know black don’t crack, so you probably still look 19. Congratulations, you just became the designated driver.

3. You Phone Died and You Left Your Charger

High Angle View Of Mobile Phone Charger And Cover On Table

Source: Cicero Castro / EyeEm / Getty

You can still kick it of course, but while everyone is preoccupied with selfies and boomerangs, you’ll have to – dare I say it – interact with people in public! Might as well stay home.

2. You Family Ends Up in the Hospital

Sean Kingston Jet Ski Accident In Miami

Source: David Rojas / Getty

You told your Uncle Jerry to stop eating pork, but he didn’t listen. Now his blood pressure spiked and he got admitted to Parkland . Now you can’t turn up because he could die. How selfish of him.

1. Your Boo Decides to Make it Official

Affectionate Couple in Bed

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While this would normally be great news, you were all set to do nappy-headed hoe stuff with your friends. Now you’re a kept woman and can’t twerk on nobody but your homegirls.