Christian King Combs and Yung Miami of City Girls Rolling Loud Miami

Source: Lourdes Sukari / Lourdes Sukari

JT, one half of City Girls, was recently denied early release, and she’s sounding pretty down about it. So I wanna help her keep her head up in there, and give her some key phrases to avoid.

5. “It go down in the DM” – I’m not sure what the DM would be translated to in prison, but you should probably stay away from any place where it’s “going down.”

4. “Lemme hold something” – Oh you better believe they got something in there for you to hold… 

3. “I got your back” – You could simply mean that you will protect someone, but what else is in the back…of a person…?

2. “This sucks” – Oh okay, does it now…? Lemme find out. 

1. “I’ll bend over backwards for you” – If I have to explain why not to use this in prison, just don’t ever get arrested.

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