Well lookie there, I made it one year at my job! It’s been an amazing 365 days, and I’m looking forward to many more years. That being said, I’m accepting all the gifts. If you’re lost about to get a coworker for their 1-year anniversary, I got you.

5. Gift Card

Listen, some people just aren’t creative. And if you don’t want to get the wrong gift, give the gift that keeps on giving: a gift card to a place you know they like.

4. Food and Wine Basket

Two things everyone likes to do is eat and drink. So filling a basket with a co-worker’s favorite gifts not only shows that you took time to gather their favorite snacks, but that you love them enough to not let them go hungry for the next hour.

3. Business Cards

What says “we’re so glad you work here and nowhere else,” more than personalized business cards? Make your co-worker or employee feel special with the gift of assumed job security.

2. Money

Even millionaires want more money. A gift of cash (or Cash App) says “it’s better than a gift card, but I still didn’t know what to get you, so graciously accept this cash and buy yourself some edge control.”

1. Paid Vacation Days

I don’t care how much one loves their job, nothing feels better than the joy of not going to work and still getting paid. Let that person rest and relax so they can come back to work ready to not complain about how they can’t wait until it’s time to clock out.

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