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Have you looked outside? The weather is dreary, and the only good reason to subject your hair to it is……well, there isn’t one. But don’t feel bad when you put that bonnet on. Here are the top 5 reasons to wear a bonnet.

5. Cause the Lord Says ‘Come as You Are’

There are enough pressures in life where you feel you have to be someone else. But if a bonnet is good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for anyone.

4. So You Don’t Mess Up Your Edges While You Fight

You spent all day slicking down your edges. You’re gonna throw away that toothbrush’s hard work for a fight over an Instagram post…? Didn’t think so.

3. So Hair Doesn’t get in Your Food While You Cook

The bonnet is the black woman’s hairnet. You don’t want those bundles getting in your gravy, do you?

2. To Always Have on the Proper Attire to Embarrass Your Kid at School

This is the third time Jerome has gotten in trouble for fighting, and he needs to know you’re his mama and not ‘one of his lil friends.’ Time to teach him a lesson no punishment ever will. Make him “the kid whose mama came to school with that thing on her head” and you’ll never have a reason to go up there again.

1. Because Your Hair Appointment Isn’t Until Friday

It’s Thursday; do you really have the time to put a single curl in your head, when it’s only gonna get washed out in 24 hours? Let the bonnet speak for you, and shine on your haters tomorrow morning.

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