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We’ve all had those days where you just don’t feel like getting out of bed. You’re comfortable, found that wonderful warm spot on the pillow, and life is perfect. But…you have to go to work. Here are some excuses that should get you out of work but ensure you keep your job.

5. Delivery of a Major Purchase

Major deliveries require someone to be home to accept them. Fridges, furniture and the like can’t be left on the side of the door and you can use these occasions as an excuse to not going to work. It’s not always possible to organize the delivery outside of your work hours anyway so it’s a believable excuse – even if you are actually just waiting for a book delivery!

4. Family Emergency

These are always good because you don’t have to go into details. Just sound sincere when you lie and say “I can’t get into it right now, but it’s a family emergency and they need me.” But if you do use a relative, make sure they’re in on the lie as well. Nothing like saying your cousin Mary got hit by a car, and Mary is on Instagram 10 minutes later living her best life on vacation.

3. Vehicle Problems

Something being wrong with your car is always a good excuse to take off work, as this is your mode of transportation. Now your boss might tell you to take an Uber or Lyft, so make sure to throw in having to spend all your money to get the car fixed. And consult a mechanic friend for a believable lie concerning what was wrong with your car.

2. Sickness/Doctor’s Appointment

Just tell your boss you’re sick. You most often don’t have to start producing doctor’s notices for one-day off work although check the policy for this if you’re actually not sick! Telling your boss you have an upset stomach or temperature as high as a hot oven will be sufficient and believable. It’s a bit lame but definitely believable reason to stay home.

1. Death in the Family 

I don’t suggest you do this more than once: first it’s just wrong, and secondly you don’t want to forget which relative you killed to get off work and use them aga in. But…this is a surefire way to get off work with no questions asked. Just remember if said relative is local, you may need to take off again for the funeral.

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