With the sudden passing of legendary director John Singleton, I felt it was only appropriate to count down the best black movies ever. Singleton was known for starring black actors in movies, telling stories from the black perspective..he was woke before “woke” was a thing. So, let’s count them down.

1. Boyz in the Hood

Act like you didn’t cry when Ricky got shot!!! This movie was directed by – of course – John Singleton. This is perhaps his most well-known movie.

2. Coming to America

This movie came out before I was born, and I still know every word to it. If you’ve never stepped on your balcony and yelled “Good morning, my neighbors!” then I can’t trust you.

3. Friday

Whether you’ve ever smoked or not, this movie is incredibly realistic to a normal day in the hood. And we’re still waiting on “Last Friday!!”

4. Malcolm X

This movie made you forget Denzel….was Denzel. He was Brother Malcolm until the movie went off. (And why is Angela Bassett always playing the wife in a biopic? The Jacksons, Ike and Tina…)

5. The Color Purple

Act like you didn’t yell at the tv (or movie screen, depending on your age) when Miss Celie finally told off Mister! My hair looks just like hers after I wash and condition.

Check out the rest of the list at Ranker.

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