It’s that time again, when stoners celebrate their holiday by doing what they likely do everyday: smoke. But what’s there to eat when the munchies kick in? Here’s a list of the top 25 snacks for 4-20.

25. Lunchables

The only way you’re going to hit every shape on the old school food pyramid while you get rid of those cravings is if you get a shrink-wrapped meal in a box, otherwise known as Lunchables.

24. Cookie Dough

Just because you’re baked, doesn’t mean your cookies have to follow suit.

23. Nutella

You’re high, so you enjoy your chill and scoop it right out of the jar and shovel it into your mouth until the jar is clean.

22. Cosmic Brownies

Those candy coated chocolate drops atop the moist brownies make for a trippy trip back from the bodega as you indulge.

21.  BBQ Fritos

Because original Fritos aren’t enough while you’re high, you need that added BBQ flavor to satiate you.

Check out the rest of the list from Complex.

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