Austin, Texas Terrorized By Series Of Package Bombs

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

And Uber driver and her passenger risked their safety to save a woman and her children, who didn’t realize their SUV was on fire.

Former 911 dispatcher Michele Broussard now drives for Uber, and she said “No question. I know while I’m out here driving, working, I’m going to help.” So when she and her male passenger realized the undercarriage of the SUV next to them was on fire, she pulled in front of the truck to get them to pull over. 

They got the mom and kids to safety, then realized they were in the middle of a move. Mom wanted to grab the bags out of the truck, but Broussard advised them that if something was to hit the gas tank, the entire truck may explode. The man riding in the Uber went to the atm, withdrew some money, and gave it to the mother to help them out.

Once the good deed was done, the Uber driver and passenger were back on their way. “When he got out of the car and got his luggage, he shook my hand, kind of like, ‘Alright, we did something good today.’”


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