Side Chicks of Charlotte

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Remember the controversial reality show, The Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte? Well, a whole year later, the show was finally picked up by Amazon Video and the first episode and trailer is here. If you were expecting something bougie and of Real Housewives nature, you will be sadly mistaken but for the rest of you who LOVE ratchet and mess, this is the show for you.

WARNING: The trailer is very explicit and NSFW. You might want to watch this during your lunch or at home.

Check out the trailer below:

There’s a whole lot of sex, many trifling men and even a bi love triangle? Just a little bit of everything you would suspect from a show like this but does this really represent Charlotte in the best light?

If you thought the trailer was crazy, watch the first episode and catch them on YouTube or Amazon video every Monday at 8/7c!

What’s your take on the first episode and will you be watching this every Monday like clockwork?

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