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Evita Robinson

Source: Evita Robinson / Nomadness Travel Tribe

Entrepreneur Evita Robinson is a pioneer in the travel industry. Since the launch of her global travel group Nomadness Travel Tribe in 2011, Robinson’s brainchild has spurred Black travel movements around the world.

In her first Ted Talk, Evita dives deeply into the history of Black travel–from the green papers that allowed Black people to travel safely through the country in the Jim Crow era to the modern hashtagged #travelgoals that fill our Instagram feeds everyday.

“I can now freely backpack in this country and walk into restaurants that my grandmother could have lost her life in decades ago because of the color of her skin–this is what the Black travel movement means to its participants,” she explains.

“From generations, we’ve gone from literally being in chains, to literally being able to fly, with quite a bit of turbulence in between.”

You can watch the full talk below:


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