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From Detroit to Baltimore, many Black communities are disgusted by Ben Carson’s anti-Black and anti-poor policies as the unqualified secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Now, Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine in Detroit, Michigan is considering changing the school’s name. Sunken place activists are whining.

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An unknown person from an unknown group called Project 21, which is a so-called Black conservative group created by the right-wing National Center for Public Policy Research, babbled, “This is another misguided effort by liberals to erase history. The Detroit school board had no problem with the name of the school before Dr. Carson became active in politics. Now that he does not conform to the ideal liberal plantation image of a Black man, and he plays a prominent role in the Trump Administration, he offends their hypersensitive, self-righteous and morally corrupt sensibilities.”

Another person from the unknown Project 21 whined, “To want to remove an honor rooted in Dr. Carson’s accomplishments because of political differences or associations puts us at a sad time in history.”

Actually, these unknown people do not know their history. The school has only been called Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine since 2013. The Washington Post reports, “The neurosurgeon’s name was plopped onto the school while the city was being overseen by an emergency financial manager following the 2013 bankruptcy, skirting the more ponderous process for determining whose name should grace a Detroit school.”

In addition, there are several other schools that could be up for a name change, including Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men and Detroit School of the Arts, which might be renamed in honor of the late Aretha Franklin.

Iris Taylor, board president of Detroit school district, said they need to calm down, “We established a process for determining whether a school name should be changed. We have received over the past years multiple letters for different schools suggesting name changes. We have not acted on any of them. Whether (Carson’s) school gets changed will depend on the community, students, faculty.”

Therefore, if the people of Detroit do not want Carson’s name on a school, it will be their decision. Detroit school board member Lamar Lemmons told The Washington Post, he frequently receives letter from people in the community asking for Carson’s name to be removed from the school. Lemmons added that the former doctor should have never entered politics, “Had he stayed in medicine, irrespective of his political philosophy or how he voted in private, we would have been happy to put his name on a school. We looked at him as an honored son. He has since, in many of our eyes, disgraced himself.”


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