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Triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway injects the fat from the back and buttocks back into the breasts of patient Sherri Frie. About 400 cubic centimeters of fat was re-injected into each breast. Each of these syringes holds about

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Laura Avila, A Dallas real estate agent, is fighting for her life after traveling to Mexico for several plastic surgery procedures including a nose job and breast implant replacement. Avila has family in Mexico, so it wasn’t a big deal for her to travel there for surgery.

Laura’s sister Angie Avila said doctors at the Mexican hospital where her sister was transferred, told them the Rino Center put the anesthesia in the wrong place in Laura’s spine, her brain swelled, her kidneys failed and she went into cardiac arrest.

Laura was clearly nervous about the procedure, as text messages between her and her doctor showed. On August 25, Dr. Judith Hernandez wrote: “you will get a mix of sedation and blocking.” Laura later responded, ‘I’m sorry but I don’t understand what sedation and blocking is and I’m concerned because I’m very nervous.'”

“It’s sedation,” Hernandez responded, “don’t worry.”

“I just said to myself, ‘This isn’t happening. This can’t happen,'” Angie said. “Because of the brain damage she suffered, she’ll never be our Laura again.”

Laura’s family has to soon make a decision of whether or not to pull the plug.

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