Countess Vaughn Hints At “The Parkers” Reboots [EXCLUSIVE]


We can never forget about the hit television show “The Parkers,” with Countess Vaughn and Mo’Nique. It was a show filled with laughter, life lessons and more. The other day Countess hinted at the fact that she would like to see “The Parkers,” get a reboot.

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As time goes on we’ve seen several shows get a reboot such as “Roseanne,” “Full House” and more. There is no word on if Mo’Nique would be down to do this show again, but Gary With Da Tea believes it could be a hit.

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In other entertainment news, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith released part two of “The Red Table Talk,” and cleared up rumors swirling around about them as well as a moment in Jada’s life where she wasn’t happy with Will. It’s reported that on the show they mentioned that they aren’t scientologist and don’t involve in swinger activities.

Jada was very open about what happened on her 40th birthday that Will planned as well. She believed by him getting Mary J. Blige to perform and having a special message from her grandmother that passed away was a display of his ego.

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Lastly, Lil Yachty is trying to stay away from getting in between the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj beef. The rapper mentioned he doesn’t want to perform with Nicki because him and Cardi B are on the same management team. It’s very tricky and Lil Yachty is trying his best just to keep the peace.

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