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Basketball and Hip-Hop go hand and hand. Hall of Fame Center Shaquille O’Neal is a multi-platinum recording artist. Kobe Bryant was once on a song with Destiny’s Child. The NBA even prevented Allen Iverson from releasing his debut project. And now a track from possibly the two best players from the NBA as surfaced and maybe the NBA should have prevented this one too.

During the 2011 NBA Lockout, Lebron James and Kevin Durant recorded a rap song entitled ‘It Ain’t Easy.” At the time, Lebron was preparing to win what would be his first NBA Championship while Durant was preparing to Lose to James in the Finals.

James might have been the best on the court but in the booth, Durant may have defeated the King.

Easy Money Sniper sent a shot to his detractors saying “I got the money, but that’s the root of all evil. I stayed the same, but it’s changing all the wrong people,” Durant says. “Every hater all the same, I feelin’ like the world is Skip Bayless and I’m LeBron James.”

I don’t believe James has a quotable in the song but check it out and let us know what you think.

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