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It’s no secret that many rappers leave behind a ton of unreleased songs and freestyles that may or may not ever see the light of day. It sucks when that unheard material belongs to some of today’s music icons and it’s especially painful to learn that they’ve been lost in the sands of time forever.

In an interview with DJBooth, producer Ski Beatz reveals that to be the case with some of his 90’s produced cuts which featured the likes of a pre-Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z, “Ebonics” era Big L, and “Coolie High” times Camp Lo. In the interview the Hip-Hop producer remembers that he didn’t just leave his Jigga and Big L produced songs on the cutting room floor, he literally trashed them and left them never to be heard again. What?!

“Around the time I was working for [Big] L, that’s when he passed,” Ski tells me over the phone. “Nobody heard the songs, and I did all those songs on ADAT . Around that time, that’s when the whole Pro Tools and the wholecomputer thing started to come into play. I wasn’t even thinking about the future… Any ADATs I had, I just got rid of all of my ADATs and went into thecomputer world. I didn’t make [copies] of anything that we did.”

And if you thought that was bad, peep what he said about his Jay-Z produced cuts.

“That goes for a lot of JAY-Z. Before Reasonable Doubt, we had a whole album that we did, that nobody has ever heard. I did it on ADAT, and when I got rid of all the ADAT, I got rid of all the Big L stuff, all the JAY-Z stuff. Even unreleased Camp Lo music. I wasn’t even thinking.”

A. Whole. Album. This was classic Jay-Z. Hungry to make a name for himself Jay-Z. “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant that’s how we on it” Jay-Z. Heaven only knows what kind of gems ended up in a landfill somewhere.

Looks like we’ll have to add this to the list of legendary lost projects like Method Man’s original Tical album that was doomed to a flooded studio and that original Havoc produced Biggie record that Hav said was superior to Life After Death‘s “Last Dayz.”


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