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Welp, Drake just caught another L. The 6 God’s tour bu got towed, right before he is scheduled to hit the road with the Migos no less. 

No word on why Drizzy’s wheels are at the tow pound.

Reports TMZ:

The rapper/singer’s tour bus was towed away from a hotel parking lot in Kansas City, MO around 3 AM Thursday. Sources at the hotel tell us Drake and his crew are staying there … but it’s unclear why they lost their wheels.

We’ve checked with Kansas City law enforcement … they tell us there are no citations or arrests connected to the bus — but it’s possible it could be a repossession. In Missouri, repo companies don’t have to notify cops.

Drake’s rep says he’s not the owner of the bus — it’s a rental for touring — so if there’s an issue with money … it’s on the bus company.

The Aubrey & the Three Migos tour is scheduled to kick off tomorrow.

We trust he’ll get this situation handled before then. Or he can always hop aboard the Migos’ tour bus…

This story is developing.



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