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OKAY Y’ALL! (in my Texas voice)

This one is for all the college grads paying student loans, parents who just don’t feel like cooking, and pretty much anyone obsessed with Chic-Fil-A which is about 97% of the world’s population.

In honor of National Cow Appreciation Day, Chic-Fil-A is giving away…FREE ENTREES! Here’s the catch, you have to dress up like a cow. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a full blown cow costume but you can wear cow ears, a cow bib, cow sneakers if you have some, or make your own custom cow unit if you want to be creative. Even the kiddos get a free meal in their baby cow outfits. (:

Chick-fil-A has been hosting Cow Appreciation Day for the past 14 years! Over 1.8 million people participated at 2,200 restaurant locations last year, so trust me–they won’t run out. Just make sure you get there by 7 P.M. Enjoy!