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Tech This Out: Wack 100 Talks The Effects Of Social Media Gang Culture & New Era of Hip Hop

Wack 100 is known for his unapologetic views and powerful presence on social media. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, the West Coast OG freely shares his opinions on the industry daily and he didn’t hold his tongue during an interview with Tech This Out. The days of significant physical albums sales and radio being the most influential way artists share their music has been eclipsed by the age of online streaming. Streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify are giving listeners the freedom to listen to whatever they want for the price of a cd and Wack is very aware of the shift. “The same thing that cds did to cassettes and iTunes did to record stores is the same thing streaming is doing to cds and iTunes.”

As technology evolves new artists have the ability to take charge of their careers and be in control of their influence on the culture. Whether Trippie Redd shares a beef inducing freestyle on Soundcloud or Azealia Banks goes on an epic rant on her Instagram story, every action adds to the impact these artists can make on the charts and the overall growth of their fanbase. Wack 100 speaks on the undeniable influence artists like Tekashi69 have on the culture and the importance of finding a balance between social media and real life.

Gang culture has always played a big role in hip hop and it continues to thrive in music today with the help from artists like Tekashi69 and Trippie Redd. Artists like 69 have an undeniable influence on the culture but the manager to notable rap artists like The Game and Suge Knight recommends fans enjoy his music but avoid getting too caught up with the roles theses artists have created for themselves solely through their music. “Now you got these dudes gang banging (flagging), it’s a fad. They put on this red thing, learn how to do a walk, throw some gang signs and that’s what it is. Until it gets real, said Wack.” Tekashi recently made amends with XXXTENTACION, a controversial rapper whose untimely passing this week shows the importance of the energy you put on this earth. Both artists were dealing with different dark moments in their life but found light within their music and the people they touch. While X’s legacy will mainly live on through his music, artists like 69 still have time to grow and show his audience how real the topics in his music can play out. As Wack said in this interview, “Be a fan don’t be a follower.”

With a slew of recent suicides from notable stars in the entertainment industry, the conversation on suicide and mental health is more prevalent than ever and made an appearance in this interview. While Wack understands the effects mental issues can play on taking your own life, he’s stern about his feelings on people choosing to commit suicide. “First of all I have zero respect for suicide,” Wack bluntly states when questioned if there’s a connection between the rise in suicide and social media. Social media is considered a valuable tool to communicate with the world but Wack knows there’s a time when people need to disconnect, especially when their mental state and life are at risk. “Use social media as a platform to gain income. Have fun with it. Bring exposure to what you’re doing but don’t take it personal.” During the interview Wack also shared his thoughts on cryptocurrency, potential ways to avoid police brutality and other important conversations that are essential when talking about the current state and future of hip hop.

Article By Marcel Jeremiah