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A Fort Worth Water Department employee has filed a formal grievance against the city after an office prank he calls malicious.

According to Jackie Wilson and his attorney, not enough was done to discipline those responsible for the incident.

Wilson says he was ridiculed and left “humiliated” by three supervisors at his job, two of whom created the doctored photos.

“They had to really take some time to do that,” Wilson said.

Wilson said color versions were e-mailed to other city employees and used as a screensaver on a manager’s computer.

“Just think, coming to work and looking on your supervisor’s screensaver and you got a picture of you on a dog in her office,” Wilson said.

The city tells FOX 4 that it took disciplinary action in the matter. Darrell Gadberry was suspended for 5 days. Lori Jones was suspended for two days and Luke Coffman was issued a written reprimand.

In a statement, a city spokesman said: “After learning of the complaint from Mr. Wilson, action was taken to discipline those employees involved at a level we believed was appropriate to this particular situation.”

However, Wilson’s attorney, Bobbie Edmonds, said the city did not go far enough.

“We think the punishment that has been submitted, or given, is not sufficient,” Edmonds said. “My client does not want to be working under these supervisors who have taken this drastic step to … make fun of him.”

Wilson, a crew leader repairing sewer lines for 10 years, wants compensation for emotional distress, and time credited for the 10 days he took off in wake of the so-called prank.

“I don’t think it’s a joke,” Wilson said.