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BET Hip Hop Awards 2010 - Arrivals

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  1. relating to or of the nature of bling status.

“The new iPhone X is Yamgushi”

  • (of or relating to baller statue) depicting a victorious person in a conventional style

Could Yamaguchi be the next hottest trend in hip-hop? That is the goal for Michigan newcomer Outtatown. Having already collaborated with Gucci Mane, the Inkster, Michigan native and owner of Day 1 Entertainment, Outtatown looks to be the next big thing in hip-hop, and push the Yamaguchi movement worldwide.

When asked what is Yamaguchi, Outtatown said that “Yamaguchi is actually the last name of an ice figure skater, [Kristi Yamaguchi] Yamaguchi skates on ice and as artists we are always wearing ice (diamonds) So it was kind of like a new way to talk about ice and money.”

Outtatowns’ ultimate goal is to take his music and turn it into a business, similar to what Jay Z is doing with his brand. He said music is only one part of his business and would like to expand beyond rapping to get into other projects, including starting his own clothing line.

Outtatown has been in the music industry for two years and has released singles with Gucci (who is also on Yamaguchi), Tory Lanez, and Phility Rich.

“They’re like family! Everybody that I’ve connected with has been in a small group. I know their right hand man, so we all in the same circle. We’re all like family,” he said.

Outtatown started his career by sitting in the recording studio. He learned how to make music and it wanted be a part of it. His biggest influences are Jay Z, Master P, and the Hot Boyz.

He said that his music doesn’t sound like anybody else, and wants to be original. “I’m not trying to sound like nobody. I got my own way, Everything I talk about is real. I’m not trying to be somebody else to gain fans, I’m just me,” he said.

In his short time in the industry, Outtatown has grown his social media presence. However, his Instagram was hacked. “When my Instagram got hacked, I was at 64 thousand (followers), so I had to start over. I haven’t been posting the way I normal do,” he said.

Outtatown also added, “I used to love Snapchat, but they changed it now. I don’t know why they even did that, I don’t like it anymore.”

In terms of tech, Outtatown said that he had a mobile app idea. He wanted to create an application that will allow owners to locate their pet in the event that they are lost similar to when you lose your iPhone.

Outtatown featured guns in his music videos. Outtatown talked about his stance on gun control. He feels that every American should be armed to prevent a mass shooting.

“If they keep having shootings at schools, why wouldn’t they teach us to have guns or be able to carry guns everywhere? if we aren’t armed, then we can’t protect ourselves, we are liable to be in a bad situation.

“We have our CCW’s because we are allowed to carry our guns everywhere; school, church, everywhere because you never know. I don’t want to be in a situation to where I can’t protect my family.”

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