Are Tech Companies The New Illuminati? [VIDEO]


Description: Are your favorite social media and tech companies bring in the new digital Illuminati? Learn how technology shaping the way we communicate when it comes to cell phones, hear what Katy Perry thinks social media is doing to civilization, listen to hear how London new laws will change porn viewership, and will Black Panther be the ultimate display of afrofuturism? Tune in to hear this news and so much more.

The Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Skulls and Bones: These are just a few of the secret societies that have been a part of our civilization. Since its meeting in 1776, the Illuminati has expanded it’s membership. Before originally been shut down in 1787, the Illuminati had over 2,500 members.

Adam Weishaupt, As the legacy of lives on, celebrities, politicians, and professional athletes have been accused of joining the secret society. These groups are exclusive to very few people who have a huge influence to the public.

Adam Weishaput, founder of the Illuminati

The majority of the biggest tech and social media companies have are difficult to get into, some of them are difficult to visit. And like these secret societies, they have the control and influence to the masses.

Which brings this question: are the top tech and social media companies a secret society in itself?

Let’s begin by analyzing Google. Google remains as the top search engine in the world. In addition, Google does everything from maps, to hard drives and even owns Youtube.

The mission statement from the original Illuminati, which was founded by Adam Weishaupt, is to “lay out a foundation for the reformation of the world.” Weishaupt, as well as nine other members, wanted to take over the world.

In comparison, Google’s latest mission statement is to “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” The Freemasons and the Illuminati are believed to have the power to control the masses. Google has control of the data.

Google knows everything and can assume what you are looking for based on the few words that are typed in the Google search. Google even has Facebook photo’s stored on its search engine. Google currently owns over 200 companies.

However, unlike these secret societies, Google headquarters don’t have a secret location. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t difficult to into. If anyone wants to tour the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA, they must know someone who works there.

And getting a job at Google is not breeze. Google receives over 3 million applicants a year. Only 0.2 percent of those people end up working at Google. Only the best can work at the top search engine company.

The Apple company continues to be the top tech company in the world. Apple currently ranks in third place among the Fortune 500 companies. And like Google, Apple has huge following with the latest MacBook’s and iPhones.

Apple is also known as being the most secretive companies in the world. The company makes its employees sign non-disclosure contracts in order to keep their ideas a secret.

Apple tracks what there employees post on their social media accounts, they are not allowed to talk to the press. Apple has even gone as far as to take legal action against its employees for letting information out.

The public relations group for Apple is an extremely tight group. Nothing gets into the public until the PR group has looked at the product.

Apple did catch heavy criticisms when the company slowed down the data from older phones in order to get people to by the latest iPhone. This is another example of a company controlling the masses, like the secret societies are accused of doing.

Joining the Illuminati was a long process. It could take months to be an official member. For the lucky ones who can get an interview with Apple and Google, the interview process could take days or months in order to be considered.

Facebook is the number ranked social media platform in the world. Conspiracy theorists have accused CEO Mark Zuckerberg of being part of a secret society or the CIA. These claims have yet to be confirmed.

On May 31, 2010, a “Quit Facebook Day” was issued because of privacy concerns. Facebook would use data from accounts to help promote profile photos to use on Billboards.

In today’s society, data is more valuable than money. Owning data is like owning souls. Google, Facebook, and Apple are only 3 of the tech giants that own souls. Be mindful and cautious next to time you logo on to Facebook and post your life away. Be mindful of what your Apple product is doing when your asleep, be careful of the website you visit as Google tracks everything.

By Anthony Hodge

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