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“Who runs the world? Women. Especially when it comes to holiday shopping. According to RadiumOne Holiday Data Report 2016, 72 percent of women will purchase 10 gifts for the holidays. Women will buy anything from underwear to a flatscreen TV.

Psychology Today states women will most likely buy new clothes for both men and than any other gift. The same research states that only 13 percent of women will buy electronic gifts.

Ladies, if you are tired of buying clothes this season and want to step up your gift buying, then these top ten tech gifts will most definitely blow your man’s mind away.

10. Workout Gear: Get VI

GET VI: Introducing the world’s first virtual assistant trainerKeep your man in shape with VI the world”s first voice activated AI personal trainer. We like to call it the ‘beer belly remover’. The Vi headphones aim to provide AI personal training to running with an app and headset that includes biosensors and tracking devices. Increase your stamina and lose weight with the personally adapted training provided by this LifeBEAM Vi AI personal trainer.

Starting Price: $159.00

9. Must Have Gadget:Nintendo Switch

Control your game: The Nintendo Switch allows gamers to play games handheld or on the screen. According to IGN, the Nintendo Switch was the highest selling console of September 2017.

Attribute some of the Switch’s appeal to its namesake trick—you can carry it around and play anywhere, or detach the controllers and play it on a big TV. That flexibility makes it appealing to frequent flyers. For us, it comes down to the familiar names in the game library, which, thankfully, developers didn’t carelessly exploit. The latest Zelda, Mario Kart, and Sonic are all fantastic experiences that just happen to have nostalgia appeal. It all combines into a device so fun that it could push anyone claiming to have outgrown video games to reverse his or her stance.

Price: $299

8. All the Way Up:Drone

 Up Up to the Sky: The the arial camera can now be bought at a lower price. The latest Drone go up to 7 km unto the sky. 

“Got the hang of how to fly a drone and said Go all the way up.” The aerial vehicle has cameras and can travel the distance to get an amazing view. One of the latest drones is a DJI Mavic ProQuadcopter. This Drone has a new HD camera with great vision for up to 7 km.

Price: $79.99 (DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter: $1299)

7. Wearable Tech: Smart Watch

 Inspector gadget: Apple’s newest watch lets you call, text, and follow your heart rate while working out. This is the second release of the Smart Watch.

Being able to take phone calls and texts right from your wrist—that’s the future. And with Apple Pay, you don’t have to carry around a wallet in your back pocket and sit awkwardly all day. I’m so tired of carrying around things, especially with how big phones are lately. When I want to go out to socialise, to have an easy state of mind, I don’t want to worry about losing my phone. I want to walk out with just my watch.

Starting Price: $329

6. Original Wearable Tech:Headphones

Go DJ: According to Forbes, Beats by Dre sold $620 million in 2014. The new headphones joins Sony for the latest Bluetooth headphones.

Looks like what Dr. Dre would’ve worn while producing Straight Outta Compton (the 1988 record, not the movie), except with Bluetooth and noise cancellation that adapts as you go from the coffee shop to the pavement. We’ve dismissed previous Beats products as marketing compensating for a bad sound-quality-per-pound ratio. The Studio3s changed our minds. The only gripe: If the battery’s dead, the wired connection doesn’t work at all.

Starting Price: $199.99

5.    Enter The New Flat Screen: Q8C QLED Curved TV by Samsung

Life always throws you a curve: Samsung’s latest TV joins Insignia and VIZIO as the new TVs to include Netflix. This TV has brand new HD to bring out the colors.

The flat screen TV has been taken to a new level. Samsung’s curved TV screen brings out the brightness and colors for viewers to enjoy a whole new level of HD. This TV uses Quantum Dots to improve the colors scheme. You can also use voice command for Netflix, Hulu and much more. QLED TV has been discounted for the holidays in stores, so ordering it online is would be the best option.

Price: $4,999

4. Meet Your New Virtual Assistant:Echo Plus by Amazon

Your New Friend Alexa: The Echo Plus is a new voice command that let’s users play music and answer questions you might want to know. Amazon’s newest gadget has sold over 15 million units. 

I’m sure you have seen those commercials when people are telling to Alexa to do some sort of chore for them. The Echo Plus is hands-free with voice recognition that helps connect to all apps. The latest Echo Plus can connect to your house to play music, give updates on weather, traffic, and define words you may not know.

Price: $119

3. For the Gamer in You:Xbox One X

Throw Up The X: The Xbox One X is a smaller version of the Xbox One. The Xbox One is the third installment of Microsoft’s game console. 

Buying video games never fail with men. If your man does not have the latest Xbox, this should definitely be on the shopping list. The Xbox One X has the 12 GB and features backward compatibly to over 300 games and features Blu-Ray. If  your man already has an Xbox One they may need some new games. Call of Duty: WWII, Madden NFL 18, and NBA 2K18 are a few of freshest games that are out.

Price: Xbox One X  – $499

2. The Ultimate Baller Gadget: iPhone X

The Coveted One: The most popular phone released it’s latest phone from Apple. Since its release in 2007, the iPhone has become the most sold phone worldwide. 

Why not end this list of with the hottest phone on the market. Assuming your guy actually needs a new phone and not following a trend, the iPhone X will be a huge surprise that he would not a seen coming. According to Statista, the iPhone has sold over 46 million phones worldwide. This all screen device is the first generation of its design and has two more hours of battery than the iPhone 8. Other features include wireless charging, face ID, and a 4k video recording.

Starting Price: $999

1. Don’t Call it Money, Call It: Bitcoins

Virtual Currency: Bitcoin Surpasses $13,000 As Momentum Remains Strong. Bitcoin broke past $13,000 today, adding to the litany of milestones it has reached this year.

If you really love your man, invest into some Bitcoins. Bitcoins are new to the payment system with hopes of making digital money a new trend. Bitcoins are the first decentralized payment networking system to powered by the users. It’s cash on the Internet. Each Bitcoin is worth $11,000 per coin Although the Bitcoin stock is on the rise, those who want to invest in this should do research before purchasing incase Bitcions don’t work out. If Bitcions continue to rise, it is worth the risk

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