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A lot of people are just discovering Joyner Lucas after his video I’m Not Racist went viral but he actually has been putting out interesting videos for a while. Here are 6 other Joyner Lucas videos you’ll love.

Keep It 100 – The whole video is from the perspective of 100 dollar bill.

Forever – In this video he talks to his son about how he didn’t want him when he was born but the kid ends up changing his life.

Just Like You – In this one, a little boy raps back to his elders letting them know he doesn’t want to be like them when he grows up.

Ultrasound – In the same vain as his other videos he has an old white lady rapping along to his verses.

I’m Sorry – The video starts off with a man hanging himself while rapping about being depress and then goes on from there.

Happy Birthday – In this video you see a father telling his son how much he ruined his life until we get to a big twist at the end.

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