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Robots are coming for our jobs. We’ve heard it before, and to a varying degree, it’s true. Business consultant group Cognizant predicts in its book “What to do when machines do everything” that over the next 10 to 15 years, 12% of jobs in the U.S. will be replaced by automation.

However, all is not lost, the group also predicts that there will 21 million new jobs created as a direct result of new technologies.  To head off some of the fear and help prepare for the future, the organization came up with 21 jobs they think will materialize over the coming years.

“We wanted to try to raise the flag, there is something big and profound going on,” said Ben Pring, vice-president and director of Cognizant’s Center for Future of Work. “If you are paying attention, there’s enough time to deal with this now,” he added.

Written as hypothetical job descriptions from human resources departments of the future, some of the gigs in the report require a lot of imagination, but others only require a small jump from our current reality.

Check out the job listings of the future and get a head start picking your post-robot career:

Data Detective

These data professionals will analyze data from IoT devices, mesh, neural capabilities etc., to provide business and organization with data-based insights. This profession is not hard to imagine. Companies already spend time and money sleuthing through people’s data in order to sell them products. The data detectives of the future will go one step farther, sorting through data from someone’s Amazon Alexa or Nest device in order to “better” serve them.


This job is for a future when, thanks to biotechnology, people are living longer than ever and there is a larger population of senior citizens than ever before. And all of these elderly people are going to need someone to talk to. This job would be exactly what it sounds like; walking with elderly people in need of companionship and listening to them talk about their grandkids, the good ol’ days, etc.

Cyber City Analyst

To maintain cyber cities, data needs to efficiently “flow”around cities. In the cities of the future, data collected from millions of sensors keeps services like power and waste collection thrumming along. The city also collects bio data, citizen data and asset data. If a sensor on the city’s biotracking beehives breaks, the city analyst needs to be there to fix it.

Augmented Reality Journey Builder

Augmented Reality Journey Builder’s are “pioneers in the experience economy.” Just like Shakespeare did decades ago, a journey builder will create the next generation of entertainment experiences. This artisté will be responsible for writing, designing, and building in-the-moment augmented reality experiences for client’s “trips” into AR.

Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager

This job would be for someone at a hypothetical AI-driven computing service company. In the description of the job Cognizant writes, “there is still one thing that AI cannot do, and won’t be able to do for the foresee-able future – sell itself.” This person will be your basic sales person, but for AI computer services.

Fitness Commitment Counselor

Unfortunately, we are already an obese population. Fitbits and other activity trackers help, but they can’t go the full mile by holding the wearers accountable for their health. Future fitness clients clients agree to wear an activity tracker, and a fitness commitment counselor keeps them motivated and on track to health.

AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician

This job exists in a world where thanks to AI, healthcare “is available at scale and on-demand to all.” Patients won’t go to the doctor, AI-assisted healthcare technicians will show up at their door and use AI enhanced software to perform diagnoses. Performing surgery with the help of AI will even be part of the job, no medical degree needed.

Personal Data Broker

In the future, people make money off of all the personal data they generate. Facebook no longer gets to sell someone’s data to Amazon, it’s theirs to sell and make a profit off of. A personal data broker monitors and trades a client’s personal data on the newly created data exchanges to ensure they earn their deserved revenue.

Highway Controller

Autonomous vehicles and delivery drones have fundamentally changed the way our roads and air space is regulated. A highway controller is needed to direct and manage the road and airspace to make sure it is managed effectually and effectively.

Digital Tailor

This job is for a hypothetical women’s e-commerce company that has invented a device called the “Saville Rowanator sensor cubicle.” The device can gather a customer’s data for exact sizing and measurements – ensuring a lower return rate. The Digital Tailor is responsible for taking the cubicle around to customers, gather size data and selling them perfect fitting clothes.

Genetic Diversity Officer

Being an Equal Opportunity Employer has taken on a new meaning. Instead of making sure they have a group of employees with diverse ethnic, gender, and sociological backgrounds, employers now need to make sure their workforce is a good mix of people who have been genetically enhanced and those who haven’t.

Bring your own IT Facilitator

This is basically an uber IT person. The focus of this person’s job would be to combine a company’s shadow IT operations with its workplace strategy with the end goal of making an automated self-serve IT platform. Job responsibilities would including leading a shadow-IT steering group, running innovation hackathons, and educating employees on shadow-IT benefits.

Financial Wellness Coach

In a world where the physical dollar has vanished, and bitcoin payments and micro-lending prevails, there is a lot of potential for “money leakage.” And the fee structures of this new system are too complicated for average Joes to understand. Financial wellness coaches will be there to help Joe keep track of all of his digital transactions and make the most of his finances.

Personal Memory Curator

People are living longer than ever, but advances in memory and other brain-related healthcare have not kept up. A memory curator is responsible for working with patients to create virtual worlds for them to inhabit. These “experiences” will be populated with realistic simulations of their past. For example, the living room from their childhood home. Curators are also responsible for managing an “advance memory statement” that details the experiences patients want to have after their memories fail.

Virtual Store Sherpa

In the future, retail is solely online, and when a customer wants to buy, for example, a couch, they simply plug into a videolink with a virtual sherpa. The sherpa then virtually shepards the customer through massive warehouse stores to help them find what they are looking for.

Genomic Portfolio Director

Thanks to DNA analysis and CRISPR gene editing, humans have new health needs, and biotechnology companies have the capability make massive amounts of new drugs to meet those needs. The portfolio director will be a high level executive who has the task of creating a strategy to market those drugs to people.

Man-Machine Teaming Manager

According to Cognizant, the future of work depends on how well humans and machines can collaborate. The teaming manager will be responsible for figuring out what the strengths of the machine are and what the strengths of the human are, and combining them to make an ultra-productive worker team.

Chief Trust Officer

In the future, investors are more connected and aware than ever before, and organizations have no choice but to be extremely transparent. However, secret cryptocurrency transactions prevail, and suspicion is everywhere. The Trust Officer is responsible for clearing the cloud of suspicion and proving to investors that the company they are putting their money is operating with the utmost integrity.

Quantum Machine Learning Analyst

This is a job for a whole different type of analyst. The person in this job will be responsible for combining quantum information processing with machine learning for better and faster solutions to real-world business problems. The end goal is to build intelligence systems that can learn from data.

Master of Edge Computing

This job is for an imaginary Fortune 500 company that has realized its current IoT infrastructure is no longer going to cut it. The Edge “Master” would be responsible for overhauling the current “wheel-and-spoke” internet infrastructure into a decentralized one that utilizes edge computing. This is necessary for a corporation of the future that needs more space and processing capabilities for its massive data volumes.

Ethical Sourcing Officer

This is a job for when big corporations decide they want to make decisions based off of what’s ethical, not what’s profitable. The sourcing officer will “maintain the ethical footprint” of a company by making sure indirect expenditures line up with shareholder values. For example, if a company’s shareholders decided they wanted to make humane labor a main priority, the ethical sourcing officer would be in charge of touring all factories and monitoring work conditions at every level.

Article By Caroline Cakebread

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