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We got a special treat this week. Thanks to our good friends at Black Enterprise Magazine we are going to play exclusive audio from the highest ranking man in Silicon Valley, C.E.O of Intel Brian Krzanich along with the former manager for Lady Gaga, a maverick at Spotify Troy Carter and Taye Diggs actor and entrepreneur.

Is Troy Carter a futurist? Troy drops the mic on the future of work, entertainment and how technology is changing the game. The #1 job for middle age white men is in serious jeopardy so what does that mean for the black and the brown? Africa soon will not need to look to America as technology in entertainment will be a key driver by 2020. #WTF, Hip Hop and Cannabis, and much more. Troy goes in like never before, you don’t want to miss after the break.

Mr. Krzanich goes ether on Trump, speaks the truth on the diversity and the real problem with silicon valley. If you want to get into the tech game the big homie Brian Krzanich breaks it down!

Taye Diggs talks entrepreneurship and technology that can prevent drunk driving.