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Although, football stadiums are assumed to have heavy security, the AT&T Stadium’s secureness is in question. The lack of protection of the stadium arose when a music video was released that showed the music artists inside the stadium. The Dallas rappers, The Outfit TX snuck inside the stadium and shot their video while on the premise.

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There was information found out by SI dot com regarding the incident. Apparently the rappers original plan was to shoot the video outside of the stadium. When they got wind that Cowboys would permit self guided tours of the stadium The Outfit TX took it upon themselves to do just that. As a result they created their music video and also created bad blood between themselves and Jerry Jones.

This event goes to show that in the business people are willing to go drastic lengths for their careers. It also shows us that you should be law abiding while doing so, seeing that Jerry Jones wants the men arrested for what occurred. Nevertheless the lesson to be learned from this is do what you got to do for your career so long as it’s not illegal.