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This past weekend, Katy Perry received major backlash for making a bad joke involving former President Barack Obama. She compared the outrage over her newly cut black hair to people being upset that Obama isn’t in office. Thoughts about Perry’s joke ranged from it being tone death to racism.

Now, producer Mano is giving his thoughts on the joke by bringing up old tweets where he said Perry called him and his squad the n-word. The Weeknd producer and former Kanye West DJ tweeted this back in 2013:

He mentioned Perry’s use of the n-word again in 2015.

Now, Mano is bringing the incident up again in light of Perry’s politics being questioned.

He said she called him the n-word at a club in Paris. He was with his crew, which appeared to be creative designer Virgil Abloh and music executive Plain Pat. Katy Perry and his friend, HXLT, were also there and she was dancing with him.

Then, according to Mano, Perry felt at liberty to call him and his friends the n-word when they repeatedly told her to stop.

They had to explain to Perry why they didn’t want her to use the word and surprise, surprise…she didn’t get it.

For people inclined to not believe Mano’s story, he assured folks that he has “no personal vendetta” against Perry.

Mano finally made the very important point that folks can have the tendency to side with a famous White person over the story of a Black person.

If you’re interested, Perry has a song out with her new Black…”friends,” Migos, called “Bon Appétit.”

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