Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti And Lil Boosie In Concert

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Things are getting stranger and stranger in 2017. Trump’s at war. Boosie’s jewelry “magically” ends up in a Mississippi police station, and so much more foolishness it’s hard to keep track of.

Sources say that three days ago, rapper Boosie accused Biloxi, Miss. cops of stealing $1 million of his jewelry after several members of his entourage were arrested after a confrontation at a local mall. Today, the police chief blasted the rapper, saying no jewelry had been found.

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We all know, Boosie has no reason to lie on the police and has been staying out of trouble since his release from the Louisiana State Penitentiary in 2014. 10 minutes later, our source was called back and said Biloxi, Miss., cops called them to say the jewelry had been found and is at the police station. Naahh. Something ain’t right. What ya’ll think DFW? Crooked cops or Boosie’s mind playing tricks on ’em.

Listen to the exclusive interview with Boosie and TV One’s NewsOneNow with Roland Martin.

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Source: TV One’s NewsOneNow with Roland Martin

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