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Terrence Spectacle “Lone Dirt Road” Artwork (Courtesy/Terrence Spectacle)

This isn’t Terrence Spectacle’s first go-around in the local Dallas music scene. The 22-year-old originally from Detroit and an avid New York Yankees fan has finally seen the light after over a year in behind the scenes hardship, He’s taken the high but lone dirt road in his career. Terrence Spectacle is building himself from the ground up.

Finding Destiny

The 22-year-old found himself in my office on a February afternoon. I heard ramblings about the singer-songwriter through a personal friend. It became apparent after doing my research on Terrence Spectacle that he wasn’t your typical “rapper”. He had a sound I can only describe similar to as a cross between Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper. That’s a hard market to break. Both Gambino and Chance had to overcome the typical non-contemporary opinion about their music. How it wasn’t for the radio and it wouldn’t gain Billboard Hot 100 status by a long shot. But what struck me about Terrence Spectacle was his professionalism he brought to a conversation. He wasn’t looking for a shot but rather looking for someone who would support his music and maybe say something about it. It’s that attitude that struck me as odd. I get hundreds of artist submissions a month pleading that I guide them to someone who can play their record or a more aggressive approach by telling me their the best ever. That’s not what Spectacle was looking for. As the conversation grew, I started asking questions. Come to find out Spectacle has been struggling to regain his career back from poor business deals and separation from people who just didn’t have his best interest. Still, Spectacle seemed unfazed by his struggle. The 22-year-old was preparing to drop a series of music singles, music videos, and projects. All out of his own pocket.

Source: Instagram

Terrence Spectacle with Dallas Artist Tre Ward (Instagram/Terrence Spectacle)

Striking Gold

While struggles are apart of the upbringing of a music artist. Terrence took that energy and put it towards the creation of his upcoming projects. The jobless musician is using his life savings into this project by executing it the right way by paying for publicists, graphic designers, live bands, digital marketing agencies, and so much more. I was surprised that the once successful public accountant was putting it all out on the table. His first single off of his upcoming album, One Summer Night, entitled Lone Dirt Road.

Check out the single below

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