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One of our favorite songs here at the station is the hit “Post to be”, which is sang by Omarion, Jhene Aiko, and Chris Brown.

Well it seems like the guy who has rights to the song no longer wants Omarion to eat off of the royalties. Word is they’re trying to say DJ Mustard copied the beat for another single, that would be solely all Chris Brown.

Now BMG is not only demanding upwards of $300,000 in damages says the newly filed suit, which also names Atlantic Records as a defendant, they’re pushing an injunction so that Omarion can no longer eat off the song, groceries and all.

Here’s the kicker, “Came to Do” was created by Bay Area producer Nic Nac, who has been said to resemble Mustard’s sound to the point only a production credit can separate the two. Not to throw anyone into the lion’s den but if companies are out here filing lawsuits for songs that sound like ’14 Mustard-on-the-beat-hoes, then almost no artist who was played on the radio that year is safe.

Omarion is currently out in South Africa as part of the ARTIIFACT Tour and there’s probably a slim-to-yeah-right chance he won’t be performing “Post to Be.”

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