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Who would 50 Cent have been, if not a legendary gangster rapper, entrepreneur, and actor?

The hip-hop icon jokingly hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night to pitch his latest business endeavor, the 50 Cent Store. Almost unrecognizable in his geeky gear, 50 is a much less explicit version of himself, but still manages to threaten gunfire by the end of it all.

“Hey kids, it’s back to school time and where do you get the best shit for the lowest price? The 50 Cent store, where everything cost fiddy cent!” he says rather aggressively.

His pretend store sells “gently used notebooks, pencil nubs, and half-empty boxes of crayons,” all for $0.50. “So come on by the 50 Cent Store or you might get shot,” the South Jamaica, Queens native threatens.

Watch the clip above, plus every time he and his adorable son were twins below.


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