As men approach the age of 40 male menopause kicks in. Male menopause generally describes how male testosterone levels decrease greatly around the ages of 40 to 55. Research has shown that male testosterone decreases 1% each year after the age of 30. Hormonal levels are different for each man, but we do know that generally it lowers as men move up in age.

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Here are some natural and effective ways to increase testosterone:

Healthy Diet and Exercise

A lot of our health issues stem from us not eating right and exercising. Even some our most devastating diseases can be cured or prevented with a healthy diet and physical activity in our regular routine. Increasing your testosterone requires an aggressive approach, a lifestyle change of sorts. Put down the fried foods and pick up the type of soul food that will improve your moods. Fresh food that doesn’t bleed or oink and a light to moderate jog starting off will help you increase testosterone levels.

See a Doctor or Therapist

Stress plays a big factor in male testosterone levels. If you’re unable to shake your funk don’t be afraid to go seek some help. Another ear on your problems will provide you with a perspective that’s different from your own. You might be too close to the situation to see the forest from the trees. A doctor/therapist can provide you a number of different methods to increase your testosterone levels. Medication and therapy have both been proven to be effective in addressing low testosterone levels.

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