How does a man know if he has something that is abnormal going on with his penis?

Dr. Drai: If you see or feel anything weird on your shaft, talk to your doctor. Let me be more specific. If you see sores, blisters, warts, lumps, skin thickening or ulcers, please make an appointment ASAP. These are all symptoms of penile cancer. The most common symptom are changes in the skin on your penis. If your penis can’t get up or you ejaculate too quickly, you must talk to your doctor.

Bottom line: Pay attention to any physical changes on your penis. Doing a monthly examination of your penis will help you know when something is outside of the norm. What are some basic things men can do to manage the health of their penis?

Dr. Drai: First of all, men need to have a regular erection. Exercising helps work out the penis, too. It will boost your testosterone. While in the gym, work on those core muscles. These muscles are connected to your penis muscles. Have you ever met a man that can make his penis jump when it’s hard? That means he has a strong core…AND a strong penis. Also, get rid of the alcohol—that’s a no-brainer.

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Stop smoking as well. Puffing makes your penis get smaller. Also, make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat healthily. Low cholesterol and low sugar diets are best.

Self-pleasure is normal and ok. If you don’t masturbate, your manhood could shrink by 1-2 centimeters. Masturbation has many other great benefits. It helps your penis get and stay hard, relieves stress, beats depression, boosts your immune system, makes you smarter, helps you live longer, makes you look younger AND helps fight heart disease! Masturbation also gives you a chance to examine your penis to check for signs of STIs and signs of cancer. Love what you got!

Bottom line: Exercising and self-pleasure for your penis are a good thing. They can help you to improve the health of your penis and relieve stress which can lead to other healthcare problems. Embrace what you have!


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